The Gift of Knowledge

Derived from Sanskrit, ‘Sastradana’ directly translated means ‘giving spiritual scripture in charity’.


  1. Encourage a culture of reading, lifelong learning, social cohesion, conscious living and preservation of traditional languages within Africa.
  2. Provide people on the African Continent with an alternate lens to view the world through the placement of Vedic literature within their community.
  3. Explore new avenues to enable people to access and cultivate Vedic knowledge to discover their spiritual roots.
  4. Increase the footprint of Vedic knowledge on the African continent through the distribution of Bhaktivedanta Book Trust (BBT) publications.

To achieve these objectives, the project provides BBT literature (books and magazines) to organisations and individuals that will make these publications easily accessible to their communities. These beneficiaries include but are not limited to public libraries, libraries at schools, universities and prisons, old age homes and retirement villages, hospitals, community literacy projects or collections of a similar nature.

How Sastra Dana Works:

  • The project creates a conduit between benefactors and beneficiaries.
  • Sastra Dana receives funding from corporate and non-profit organisations and philanthropists.
  • This funding is then used to purchase and place books and magazines in institutions and within communities where there is a need, interest and enthusiasm across Africa.

Key Achievements:

How to get Involved:

If you like to get involved as either a sponsor or recipient, you may contact Sastra Dana on:

Tel or WhatsApp: +27 67 303 8162