New Special Print of Chant and Be Happy

The BBT is pleased to announce a new special print of Chant and Be Happy that is now available.

This title has been printed using FSC Environmentally friendly paper.

This is also the BBT’s first English mass distribution title for our new concept, the ‘Print/eBook Combo’.

South Africa, along with Slovenia, Lithuania, the UK, and Russia are the first countries where Temples are now able to distribute print books and ebooks via the ‘Print/eBook Combo’ concept.

On the back cover of the physical books (print books), there is a line of text which states that the book contains a redemption code for FREE download of the same title as an eBook, in any eBook format.

This redemption code along with the website to retrieve this, can be found on the copyright page.

Visit, enter the redemption code, and a few seconds later the eBook (in any eBook format of choice) is available.

The main reason for this FREE download option?  To supply the ebook, free of charge, to the buyer of the print book. Many people like to have both: the print book at home, and the eBook for travelling.

4 thoughts on “New Special Print of Chant and Be Happy

  1. All glories to srila prabhpada and all swamis.when is Ghana temples going to have copies of these new prints. Haribol!!!!

  2. I have a copy of this edition, printed in 2011, but it doesn’t say anything about the e-book. I really want this book for my Kobo e-reader. Is there another print of this book then?

  3. Hare Krishna Jade, we have passed this on to our team to contact you and provide assistance. Thank you for your message.

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